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DPFLASHES STUDIOS is a small independent game developer based in Sweden. We create games for a living and we love it!
Packed with energy drinks and viking blood we strive to make games as great as we can.

Take a look around, play our games, leave a comment and have fun!

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The friday project

Every friday after lunch we do whatever project we feel like doing that is not work-related. And David came up with this awesome idea to paint one of our office wall with a colossus from the "Shadow of the colossus".

We all gave him the nod of approval and David got started.

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Ragdoll experimenting

Today Kurt's been experimenting the hell out of the ability to set up ragdoll physics. And he's done a great job so far. We're getting closer and closer to something that might be of use.

Why would we want ragdoll you ask? Well I don't know. Perhaps we're making an awesome game, perhaps not. Stay tuned.

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"The Best I loved the first two, and was waiting for the next. It doesn't disappoint. Keep it up! Thanks"

- Jeremy Eisenhauer


Clear Vision 3

"The developers aren't kidding when they say the game is suitable for those 17 years and over, but Clear Vision 2 isn't the feast of gratuitous violence for violence's sake that you might be expecting. Instead it's a fascinating gaming experience, one that's expertly crafted and told with a very keen eye for black humor rather than outright offense."

- Modojo


Clear Vision 2