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DPFLASHES STUDIOS is a small independent game developer based in Sweden. We create games for a living and we love it!
Packed with energy drinks and viking blood we strive to make games as great as we can.

Take a look around, play our games, leave a comment and have fun!

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Latest news for CV3 update!

Something tells me this guy is having a bad day...
We're working hard on the new update for Clear Vision 3, adding 6 new languages, 10 new missions and 2 new cutscenes to continue the storyline.
The new backgrounds for the Clear Vision 3 update are amazing, and this mission is surely an unusuall one, mainly because of the crossbow.
What do you guys think?

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Kurt the Animator

Kurt's come all way from New Zeeland. This man has been doing most character and cutscene animations in the Clear Vision series. He's known worldwide for his stick animations and goes by the name endo-k. I, however know him as Kurt, or K-man. He's crazy about lingonberries and he'll jump into every pile of snow he encounters. Please do not feed.
It's an honor to have him on the team!

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"The Best I loved the first two, and was waiting for the next. It doesn't disappoint. Keep it up! Thanks"

- Jeremy Eisenhauer


Clear Vision 3

"The developers aren't kidding when they say the game is suitable for those 17 years and over, but Clear Vision 2 isn't the feast of gratuitous violence for violence's sake that you might be expecting. Instead it's a fascinating gaming experience, one that's expertly crafted and told with a very keen eye for black humor rather than outright offense."

- Modojo


Clear Vision 2